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於1995年創辦攝影人出版社,並出版東南亞唯一中文專業攝影刊物——《攝影人》雜誌。直至出版至100期後更名改版為《攝影玩家》重新出發,10年間仍後無來者。2006年創辦《旅遊玩家》,一本旨在發掘本土(馬來西亞)旅遊新元素的雜誌,並致力推廣公路自駕游、新景點探索等,希望讀者對本土風情有更深層的體驗與認識。除兩本中文雜誌外,也出版英文旅遊雜誌《Travelution》、英文攝影電子雜誌《Advanced Images》及馬來文攝影電子雜誌《Fotografika》。

為推廣攝影藝術及促進業界交流,於1997年起籌辦“吉隆坡攝影節”,主辦近20年不曾中斷過,如今已成為區域內一大攝影盛事。曾在馬來西亞東方人文藝術館、東禪寺佛光緣美術館、Art Expo Malaysia藝術展及全國各地舉辦過《人間淨土》及《像由心生》個人攝影展,皆深獲好評,吸引大批民眾及攝影愛好者前往觀展。

著有個人攝影集《神靈的故居——旅行沙巴神山》、旅遊攝影合集《In The Game非洲旅遊攝影集》、《Himalayas旅人心靈的歸宿》、《Lazy Mediterranean慵懶地中海》、《狂奔美國西部一萬公里路Landscapes of the American West》及《Defying the Mystics跨越西伯利亞大鐵路》。

Kim Teoh is a professional photographer born in Bukit Mertajam,Penang, Malaysia. He established PCP Publications in 1995, currently producing Photo Creator, Travelmate, Advanced Images, Travelution and Fotografika magazines. Principal of PCP Art of Photography training centre. And he also is the founder of Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival.

His major solo exhibitions include “Heaven on Earth”, “Evocative in Mind” at Oriental Art & Cultural Association, Dong Zen Temple, Art Expo Malaysia and around Malaysia.
Produced and published photography titles “Mt. Kinabalu”, “In the Game”, “Himalayas”, “Lazy Mediterranean”, “Landscapes of the American West”, “Defying the Mystics” and travel guidebooks “Fascinating Self Drive Holidays”, “Tastes of Malaysia”, etc. 

二、展覽介紹 Introduction of Exhibition




011015I set foot on the Southern region of Africa, a feeling of desolation dawned on me. The forlorn land was a tinge of yellow, the grassland and the tree stumps swayed in unison to one direction that was the evidence of the wind trodden path.

On this photographic journey, besides the amazing animals and gorgeous landscapes, it was the artwork of the wind that held me in awe. Hence, with my camera in hand I allowed my mind to lead me into the imageries created by the wind. My mission to this African continent was not merely for the sake of wildlife portraits, it was also my wish to document the local lifestyle in the arms of Mother Nature.

In wildlife photography, very often we see only portraits of animals. If this is our purpose of coming here, then there will be a lack of distinctiveness. Having to make the best use of the umpteen days we had, without a special focus or distinction, I think neither would I be here in this land of wild games nor would I give a thought to an exhibition of it.

Hence, chasing after the imageries of the wind was my prime objective in this land. Initially, I was looking forward to wildlife shots and also began to develop my own ideas in sensing the wind. 

When the wind gusts, the land churns into a sand veil, when the wind dies down, its mark of trail settles on the land. I am the photo-creator who braved the wind and captured imageries that were brushed by the wind.


011013佛光緣美術館紐西蘭一館 Fo Guang Yuan IBT New Zealand Art Gallery

展期:2017/1/1~ 2/26

時間:9:00-17:00 免費參觀  (週一休館)

地點:紐西蘭北島佛光山 / 佛光緣美術館紐西蘭一館

地址:16 Stancombe Road, Flat Bush, Manukau 2016 New Zealand


佛光緣美術館台北館 Fo Guang Yuan Taipei Art Gallery

展期:2018/9/15~ 10/28

時間:10:00-20:30 免費參觀  (週一休館)

地點:佛光山台北道場 / 佛光緣美術館台北館






Fo Guang Shan Foundation for Buddhist Culture & Education
Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery headquarters
Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple NZ
Fo Guang Shan Taipei Vihara

Management Department:
Fo Guang Yuan IBT New Zealand Art Gallery
Fo Guang Yuan Taipei Art Gallery